Garden Care

Let the guru take care of your garden!

The guru has years of experience tending to gardens – not only his own but that of friends and family. The end result is a wondrous paradise – a garden that is lush and wonderful to look at and breathe in, nature at your feet. But it is also hard work and involves an attention to detail in order to get you there.

Want to start digging but you do not know where to start? That is where the guru comes in.

      • Spring and Fall cleanups: Allow the guru to either open up in the spring or close your gardens in the fall. Please see the guru’s “Tips to Spring Gardening”.
      • Care of your bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and small trees: Experience shows that a couple of hours of caring for these plants by pruning, splitting, fertilizing and mulching will lead to summer beauty.
      • Garden Maintenance: Once established the guru can provide regular maintenance of your flower beds, including weeding, cultivating, and planting

    Keep following the guru for other gardening tips as we roll into the growing season. Please do not hesitate to send gardening questions here.

Garden care leads to beauty lovely flowered garden with Japanese stone lantern