Garden Design

Allow the guru to design the garden of your dreams!

One of the truly enjoyable aspects of gardening is creating a new gardening space. In addition, as our gardens grow it is important to consider periodic makeovers.
Quality garden design involves seeing the larger picture, starting with the outline or shape of your garden, then bringing together all the different elements, such as plants and flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colours, into one cohesive whole.
What is your goal? A big open garden, a small intimate garden, maybe a lower maintenance garden, better for entertaining? It is important to start with a garden plan or strategy. There needs to be symmetry, balance and unity. There needs to be variety. In the end it’s all about a pattern that you like, an arrangement of plants that you are happy with.
Designing a wondrous garden will enhance the value and beauty of your home. The guru is available for consultations and coaching regarding design, proper plant choice and garden care.

The Beaches - After garden redesign

This is a recent project, for more information and images, please visit the Testimonials page.